VIA is my bachelor thesis in the field of product design.

VIA is a service concept designed to maintain basic supplies with food and other daily goods for rural areas. Developed due to different scenarios, VIA uses
 autonomous vehicles. A small one to deliver goods only and a big one to also provide space for social meeting places.
VIA is a service to maintain and create basic supplies with food and other daily goods for rural areas. German society is currently going through a significant demographic change. Therefore, a lack of infrastructure occurs, which especially effects rural areas and its inhabitants. Additionally, nowadays we have a very high social cost for the society, due to people´s shopping behaviour. VIA delivers the goods to the customers, who very often no longer have access to nearby supplies. By using autonomous vehicles, food is either delivered straight to the house through a small vehicle, or is arranged to be picked up at an determined meeting point where a bigger vehicle could also provide a social meeting space. Due to different scenarios, two vehicles were designed to provide a flexible storage system for the delivery of daily goods as well as to provide social meeting spots for the future of rural areas.

Concept: Judith Holzer, Steffen Weiss
Sketches: Steffen Weiss
3D modeling: Judith Holzer, Steffen Weiss
Animation and rendering: Judith Holzer, Steffen Weiss
Special Thanks to: Christopher Bull
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