As a personal project I designed a book containing the memories
of my great-grandfather´s life. He wrote down his story from his childhood before WWI until after WWII.
Heritage is a means to communicate history. The necessity of our today´s values is discussed highly in political times of separation and nationalism. It seems insane regarding where our society has come from. To me personally, it has always been a part of family history and of great importance to try to understand where we came from and what we achieved over past decades as a society. To reveal the background, the story and show the value of the knowledge of history, I researched about my family´s story over months, talked to many people, viewed old documents, built a family tree reaching back a few centuries and collected images and informations. The result was a book telling the memories of my great-grandfather, combined with information about his time and the places he went, the people he met, the fights he fought. A story to remember.

Author: Gustav August Braker
Transcript: Klaus-Jürgen Braker
Digitization, design and research: Steffen Weiss

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