MONDAYS was a project during my MA studies following the requirements of a design contest.

MONDAYS is a fusion store concept focusing on New Workers. The store offers open work areas, lounges, dining booths, closed office and meeting space as 
well as room for presentations, launches and conferences. Furthermore it is a platform for brands to be placed and sold and experienced by customers.
MONDAYS started as retail project with the goal to show four brands beside each other in a fusion store concept according to the target group and theme of New Work. Soon it became a co-working space for Start Ups and creatives seeking a great work and network environment. Brands are still part of it but integrated in a subtle way.
The concept was created as part of a university course with the fabulous team mentioned below and won the ARNO Retail Design Award, presented at the ADC Festival in Hamburg, Germany, 2017. 
The dimensions of the floor plan were part of the brief. The concept was then designed to fit into these measurements

Concept: Laura Bogdan, Dominik Flegel, Alexander Keil, Nikolas Pournaras, Steffen Weiss
Floor plan: Dominik Flegel, Steffen Weiss
3D modeling: Dominik Flegel, Steffen Weiss
Animation and Rendering: Dominik Flegel
Film: Alexander Keil
Branding: Laura Bogdan, Nikolas Pournaras
UI and visual design: Nikolas Pournaras

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