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my name is Steffen Weiss.


I studied product design at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd.


I spent an exchange semester at Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus in Norway and an internship semester at TRICON Design AG where I worked in the field of transportation design and medical design. My main tasks were sketching, CAD modelling and photo editing.


Currently I´m working on my master thesis in strategic design at Daimler AG future transportation in Stuttgart.


Beside design I love travelling, sketching and am interested in many things.



autonomous delivery

VIA is a service designed to maintain basic supplies with food and other daily goods for rural areas. Developed due to different scenarios, VIA makes use of autonomous vehicles. A small one to deliver goods only and a big one to also provide space for social meeting places.

VIA is a service to maintain and create basic supplies with food and other daily goods for rural areas.


German society is currently going through a significant demographic change. Therefore, a lack of infrastructure occurs, which especially effects rural areas and its inhabitants. Additionally, nowadays we have a very high social cost for the society, due to people´s shopping behaviour.

Due to different scenarios, two vehicles were designed to provide a flexible storage system for the delivery of daily goods as well as to provide social meeting spots for the future of rural areas.

walking frame

PROSUS is a radically new walking frame design that views ergonomic and aesthetics aspects from a new perspective, integrating them into an innovative concept.

history in a nutshell

As a free time project I designed a family book containing the memories of my great-grandfather and his life story from before WW I until after WW II.

fusion store concept

MONDAYS is a fusion store focusing on New Workers. The store offers open work areas, lounges, dining booths, closed office and meeting space as well as room for presentations, launches and conferences. Furthermore it is a platfrom for brands to be placed and sold and experienced by customers.



VIA delivers the goods to the customers, who very often no longer have access to nearby supplies. By using autonomous vehicles, food is either delivered straight to the house through a small vehicle, or is arranged to be picked up at an determined meeting point where a bigger vehicle could also provide a social meeting space.

bachelor thesis

product design


team partner:

Judith Holzer

home care ergonomics

product design


team partner:

Manuel Hess

free time project

editorial design



second semester MA

retail design


team partner:

Alexander Keil,

Dominik Flegel,

Laura Bogdan,

Nikolas Pournaras